Textiful makes data collection at trade shows easy

Getting information from prospects that visit your booth can be like pulling teeth. They might be able to hand you a business card... if they didn't forget them back at the hotel. And yes, you could write their email down on a scrap of paper but that doesn't seem too professional.

What if there was a better way? Turns out, there is a technology that already exists on everyone's phone. Plus, it's so simple that anyone can use it: text messages. That's right. Good, old fashioned SMS goodness to the rescue.

So how does it work?

The premise is really simple. You setup a special phase called a keyword that is assigned to a phone number. When someone texts that phrase to the number, they will get an instant text message reply asking for their email address. You can also have follow up questions that ask for other information like their name or comapny.

So now when people stop by your booth, all they need to do is send a simple text message and follow the prompts. Their information is captured by Textiful and can be synced automatically to your email list. How slick is that?

Try Textiful at your next trade show

With Textiful, you can get started in minutes. Claim a keyword and customize your messaging to get started today. Best of all, you can start for Free - no credit card required to create your account.

Only pay for when you attend trade shows

With our plans, you can downgrade at any time. There is no long term commitment or contracts. Simply select a plan that fits your needs of your next presentation. After your events, downgrade to our free plan and you'll only pay for the month your capturing email addresses.

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