Textiful was made for live events

Let's be honest. Collecting information at live events is hard. Sure you can have people join you email list by writing their information with a paper and pen. But that is time consuming and then there is all of that data entry after the event.

What if there was a better way? Turns out, there is a technology that already exists on everyone's phone. Plus, it's so simple that anyone can use it: text messages. That's right. Good, old fashioned SMS goodness to the rescue.

So how does it work?

The premise is really simple. You setup a special phase called a keyword that is assigned to a phone number. When someone texts that phrase to the number, they will get an instant text message reply. This message can be set up to do a lot of things - ask for their email address or first name, deliver a coupon code or just be a plain message. You decide.

So now instead of having people wait in line to write down their information - all they need to do is send a simple text message. They reply to the message asking for their email address and to another asking for their name. That's it - super simple!

The best part is that Textiful can take all of that captured information and sync it to your email list. There is no faster or easier way to grow your email list!

Try Textiful at your next event

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