Data Collection Made Easy

Textiful allows you to easily collect information from people using text messages. Our easy to use interface allows you to set customized messages and control what data is collected. Use Textiful to capture email addresses, names, zip codes... anything!

Once the information is collected from your users, it can be automatically synced to one of our integrated Email Marketing Platforms. You can export your member data - in an Excel friendly file format - at any time.

You can also use Textiful to send outgoing "text blasts" to your members. Use them to announce upcoming events, sales or volunteer opportunities. Since 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt, it's a great way to get the word out!

Grow Your Email List By Text Message

Customers text your keyword to 345345 to join your email list

Collect other information like names and zip codes

Customize your outgoing and confirmation messages

Emails are automatically added to your email marketing platform

Collected numbers can be used later for text blasts

Example Sign Up Process

All of the tools you need to quickly grow your email list
plus send text marketing campaigns

Quickly Grow Your Email List

Automatically add email addresses to marketing platforms like MailChimp

Send Text Marketing Campaigns

Instantly impact your customers by sending a text blast to your list

Lightning Quick Setup

Obtain a keyword and customize your messages in minutes, not days

Send MMS Image Texts

Go beyond simple text messages by sending image texts for a bigger impact

Automated Drip Campaigns

Send series of timed text messages to your members & keep them engaged

Seamless Integrations

Automatically sync new members to your email marketing platform

Shortcode Support

Customers text your keyword to 345345 to join your marketing lists

Secure Customer Data

Customer data is confidential and is not shared or sold to any third party

Send Text Marketing Campaigns

90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt

Instantly notify your customers of events, promotions or new products

Send image (MMS) or regular text (SMS) campaigns

Send text blasts in real time or schedule for the future

Instantly reach your most loyal customers

Increase revenue and drive brand awareness

Example Text Marketing Campaign

Automatically add collected email addresses to these
email marketing platforms with Textiful

Textiful Integrates with MailChimp
Textiful Integrates with SalesForce
Textiful Integrates with ConvertKit
Textiful Integrates with Constant Contact
Textiful Integrates with Simplero
Textiful Integrates with Infusionsoft
Textiful Integrates with Get Response
Textiful Integrates with Campaign Monitor
Textiful Integrates with Emma
Textiful Integrates with AWeber
Textiful Integrates with Drip
Textiful Integrates with Vbout
Textiful Integrates with Active Campaign

Email Capture Plans
No contracts. No setup fees. No credit card to get started.

Free Forever
  • Collect up to
    25 Email Addresses
    per month
    50 Textiful Credits
  • 1 Custom Keyword


Sign Me Up
$ 19 /mo
  • Collect up to
    150 Email Addresses
    per month
    300 Textiful Credits
  • 2 Custom Keywords
  • Rollover Credits

Additional Purchases
6 cents /credit
$15 /keyword /month

Start Free Trial
Small Business
$ 49 /mo
  • Collect up to
    500 Email Addresses
    per month
    1,000 Textiful Credits
  • 4 Custom Keywords
  • Rollover Credits

Additional Purchases
6 cents /credit
$15 /keyword /month

Start Free Trial
$ 149 /mo
  • Collect up to
    2,000 Email Addresses
    per month
    4,000 Textiful Credits
  • 8 Custom Keywords
  • Rollover Credits

Additional Purchases
4 cents /credit
$10 /keyword /month

Start Free Trial
  • Need more credits or keywords? Looking for Text Marketing only plans?
  • We can craft a custom plan that fits your needs and your budget!
  • As low as 2.5 cents per outgoing text message

Text Marketing Only / High Volume Plans

Just want to run a text marketing program? Don't need to collect email addresses?
We can craft a custom plan for as low as 2.5 cents per outgoing text message!
Just send us an email at for a custom quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly are the "Textiful Credits" mentioned in the pricing plans?

Textiful Credits are used for each outgoing text that is sent. An outgoing text is considered any text that is sent to an individual's phone. This includes the messages that are sent to individuals when collecting email addresses through text messages.

Collecting an email address or any other information requires two outgoing texts - one to ask for the information and another to send the confirmation message

In other words, if you collect 5 email addresses, it would cost 10 credits. If you send a text campaign to those same 5 individuals later on, it would cost 5 credits.

What happens if I run out of Textiful Credits on a paid plan?

Textiful will continue to function as normal - it will collect email addresses and send text messages. At the end of your billing cycle you'll be charged a fee of 7 cents per overage credit used. You are free to upgrade your account to the next tier at anytime to avoid the overage fee.

What happens if I run out of Textiful Credits on the Free Forever plan?

If you've added a credit card to your account and use more than the 50 credits issued per month, your account will be automatically upgraded to the Get Started plan for $19 /month and Textiful will continue to collect email addresses as normal.

If you do not have a credit card on file, your keywords will be deactivated and will no longer collect email addresses or send text messages until the following month when your monthly 50 credits are issued.

What countries does Textiful support?

Textiful can be used in USA & Canada. Support for Australia & the UK is coming soon.

When you create a keyword, you will select a shortcode. Our shortcodes are only supported by US based phone carriers. You can add international long code support to each keyword to enable them to be used outside of the US.

Is there a contract? Can I cancel my account?

There is no contract. Your account is month-to-month and you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your account at any time.

Can my keywords sync to different email lists?

Yes! You can have each keyword sync to different email lists within your email marketing system.

I have some other questions. How can I reach someone at Textiful?

Send us an email at We're happy to answer any questions you may have about our service!