Collect Email Addresses via Text Message for Hubspot

Text-to-Join Service for Hubspot

Capture email addresses from any phone through text messages

Instantly & automatically sync emails to your Hubspot email lists

Textiful integrates with Hubspot

How the Hubspot + Textiful Integration Works

Capturing new Hubspot email addresses with text messages is incredibly easy with Textiful!

You create a custom keyword within Textiful. Customers text this keyword to 345345 and Textiful will automatically reply with a message that you customize asking them for their email address. Once they text their email address... well... that's it! They will be instantly synced to you Hubspot email list!

Grow Your Email List By Text Message

Customers text your keyword to 345345 to join your email list

Customize your outgoing and confirmation messages

Emails are automatically added to your Hubspot account

Trigger Hubspot Workflows and add contacts to Lists

Collected numbers can be used later for text blasts

Example Sign Up Process

Integrate Textiful with Hubspot

In just minutes you can link your Hubspot account with Textiful and start collecting email addresses with text messages. The setup is as simple as logging in to you Hubspot account and selecting some customization options.
View our knowledge base article for details on how to setup Textiful & Hubspot integration.