Subscribe by Text for Salesforce

Capturing email addresses at live events is incredibly easy with Textiful!

You create a custom keyword that is assigned to a phone number. Customers will text the phrase to the number to start the process.

Textiful will automatically reply with a message that you customize asking them for their email address. Once they text their email address... well... that's it!

Their email address will be captured and automatically synced to your Salesforce account as a Lead or Contact.

Sync emails to your Salesforce account automatically

Add emails as a Saleforce Lead or Contact

Image of a Text to Join demo on an iPhone.

Try Textiful at your next event

With Textiful, you can get started in minutes. Claim a keyword and customize your messaging to get started today. Best of all, you can start for Free - no credit card required to create your account.

Our Salesforce integration is easy. All you need is your Saleforce login information and you can start syncing collected emails to your Salesforce list in minutes!

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