General Questions

How do I contact support?

Send us an email at

What countries does Textiful support?

Textiful can be used in USA & Canada. When you create a keyword, you will select an associated phone number that your audience can text. We currently have phone numbers compatible with US & Canadian phone carriers.

What is the difference of a standard keyword vs. a premium keyword?

Standard keywords are any keyword that is assigned to one of our 10-digit local numbers. A premium keyword is assigned to our 5 digit short code number - 33777.

Are keywords case sensitive?

Nope! Keywords are not case sensitive. It's industry standard to show them in all caps when printed - e.g. ACME. However, your audience can use any combination of upper and lower case letters when texting your keyword - ACME, Acme, acme, aCme would all work!

Message Credits

What are Textiful Credits?

Textiful Credits are used for each outgoing text that is sent. An outgoing text is considered any text that is sent to an individual's phone. This includes the messages that are sent to individuals when collecting email addresses through text messages.

For example, if you have a campaign that is collecting email addresses from your audience. Each signup would cost 2 credits. One credit to ask for the user for their email address and another to send the confirmation message.

In other words, if you collect 25 email addresses, it would cost 50 credits. If you send a text broadcast message to those same 25 individuals later on, it would cost 25 credits - one for each message sent to a unique number.

Can I add more credits to my account?

You can purchase additional message credits from your Current Credits & History page. The cost of each credit will depend on your current Textiful plan.

What happens if I run out of credits?

If you have a credit card on file, your keywords will continue work and capture email addresses as normal. You can add credits to your account to resolve a negative credit balance.

At the end of the billing cycle, if your account still has negative credits, you will be assessed a fee for each overage credit used. The amount the overage fee will depend on your current plan. Fees start at 6 cents per overage credit.

Data & Integrations

Can I add email addresses collected by text message to my email list?

With our many integrations, it's easy to automatically sync emails that are captured by text message to your email list. Textiful currently integrates with the following platforms:

Is an integration required to use Textiful?

Not at all. Even if you are not using on of the email marketing providers that we integrate with, you can still use Textiful to capture email addresses using text messages.

Can I export the collected data?

Yes, of course! You can export all collected information at any time simply by clicking the "Export Members" button from the Audience page of your account. An Excel friendly .csv file will be generated and downloaded. This file will include all individuals that have joined your keywords and any information collected from them.


Is there a free text to join option?

We offer a free On Demand plan. This plan has no base monthly fee - you only pay for what you need. It includes 1 free keyword on any of our 10-digit numbers.

The On Demand plan also includes 100 free starting credits. You can earn an additional 100 bonus credits when you add a credit card to your account from your Billing page.

Is there a contract? Can I cancel my account?

There is no contract. Your account is month-to-month and you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your account at any time from your Billing page.